a simulation game

business transition
towards sustainability

  • 1-why

    Sustainability is becoming a new source
    of competitive advantage for business.

    Only the good will be the great
    in the long run.

  • 2-how

    Effective change demands engagement.

    With simulation games you can engage
    your audience, communicate complex
    business realities and learn from mistakes without costs.

    Great fun included!

  • 3-what

    The Green&Great game combines
    energizing engagement, effective learning
    and fascinating gameplay.

    Explore the connection between
    sustainability and business success.
    By playing.

Key Benefits

Engage your audience

Players’ emotional engagement is guaranteed by game mechanics.
Green&Great combines the potential of advanced business simulation with the thrill of competition.

Change attitudes and actions

The game has a unique potential to change how people perceive and understand sustainability. Through intellectual and emotional engagement in an interactive environment they start to see how important sustainability becomes for their business.

Experience complex
business reality

The game is a field laboratory of solving business problems in a complex environment. The players have the opportunity to experience the dynamic impacts of their decisions and to test various strategic assumptions related to sustainable business operations.

Explore with
the Sustainability Compass

Green&Great uses The Compass of Sustainability - an indicator and indexing tool created by Alan AtKisson, helping groups and organizations orient towards sustainability.

Control the game easily

The game can be played at any time and in any place, just a couple of minutes after the purchase - all you need is computers with internet access for moderator and every player (or group of players).
Both moderator and player can master game operations easily.

Learn effectively
in less than 2 hours

One Green&Great game play takes only 1,5-2 hours. The game is perfect both as a part of bigger seminars and trainings, and as standalone, highly effective learning tool.

What Customers Say

  • heads

    The game was brilliant, fun, interactive, and impactful.

About the Game

Green&Great is a simulation game in which players assume the role of managers in large consulting firms.

Their companies compete for clients and seek to make a profit, while achieving social goals and reducing environmental impacts.

By facing the consequences of their own decisions, players learn and experience the importance of business sustainability as a source of competitive advantage.

The contents of the game can be modified to match your specific situation and training needs.

Ask us for details!

A Bridge to Sustainability

It’s hard to change people’s minds.
Even if the cause is good, they resist. It feels as if they stand on the edge of the canyon and can't get to the other side.

They need a bridge to cross this divide.

The Green&Great game allows participants to experience the consequences of their choices - either sustainable or unsustainable. The experience feels real, engages emotions and supports true change of attitudes and actions.

Use this game as a bridge to support sustainability transition!